Professor Beach Visits Haiti

I recently returned from Haiti. One of the cities I visited was Montrouis, a Beachtown that is near Saint Marc and two hours from the Capital of Port Au Prince. Montrouis is a coastal town in western Haiti. Montrouis is also one of the best beach towns in Haiti, with several well renowned hotels and resorts, including le Moulin-sur-Mer. The town is located on the Cotes des Arcadins, one of Haiti’s longest stretches of pure white sand beaches.   It is also an exceptional place for sailing and fishing.

Haiti is on the West side of an Island in the Caribbean.  The East side of the Island is the Dominican Republic.

This is my 4th visit to Haiti. (My 1st since the horrific hurricane in January).   Check out my video of Montrouis. Check out my Haiti blog:

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